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I am an artist, in many ways. From drawing, voice acting, pixel art, and writing... or typing, I am someone who tries a bit of everything... I think. Anyways, I am open to try anything else.
I also like gaming, n' stuff.


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SinlessSHadow's News

Posted by SinlessSHadow - 2 weeks ago

Sorry, I wasn't able to do any of the requests, and the ones I did do, I'm not going to upload them... yet. I did continue to write a story I started a while ago, and even I cringe reading it, but please have a look.




Posted by SinlessSHadow - May 19th, 2020

Any requests? Like, do you want me to do any pixel art? Traditional? Something else? Please tell me, because I am bored as FREAK... I mean... I am bored af... ugh... so... bor-... Wait, what was I saying?

Edit: Me doing any of these requests might depend on what mood I am in, if I can do it, and if I want to do it... and ctually, this is more just me giving myself an opportunity to get better at what I do... I sure know that I can't lead... I don't care what anyone says...


Posted by SinlessSHadow - May 16th, 2020

We are currently working on a project... That's it... just-... That is what I wanted to say.

A little more about the project, is that it is a game. If you have an idea of a game, please tell us... though, since we aren't very experienced, and also kinda need to work on working together, please suggest something simple. Then later on, we might be able to make more difficult stuff.

Posted by SinlessSHadow - April 29th, 2020

Hello, I am trying to make a group, but I don't have that many members, currently have fourteen members, but we need more if w want to get things done better. If you want to help us make things, and become a group that makes videos, music, games, and more, message me and tell me: What you can do for the group, if you have discord... (You don't have to have discord, though), and any questions.

Posted by SinlessSHadow - April 28th, 2020

Hello, more pointless news.

Posted by SinlessSHadow - April 25th, 2020

hiiiiii... pointless news


Posted by SinlessSHadow - April 24th, 2020

I am making some 8-bit music... soooo.... yeah...

Posted by SinlessSHadow - April 10th, 2020

I have a deviantart page... I had it before I ever had a NG account... true story.

Posted by SinlessSHadow - April 9th, 2020

We should probably make up a name for the group... What should we name it? I'm still in the process of making the server because I still need more information. Also, what should the group icon be?

Posted by SinlessSHadow - April 6th, 2020

If I invited you to my group, and you have discord, just say it here in the comments, you don't have to put your discord here... just say "I do". I need to make sure that I have an effective way of communicating with my group members.

Edit: If you don't you don't have to, but tell me something else I can talk to you by. The reason why I wanted to do discord was because I wanted all of the group members to be able to talk to each other.