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Shantae wants to get pregnant... also, they must be more than just "friends"

Yo, They are cute.

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I think Alison is cute... A-and some of the other g-girls, too!

I got 130... Nice game, it is kinda hard, but also REALLY easy...

It's not the game itself, but the character, Toshiko. Like, she is just so cute, and it's just like, "Wow... how do you do that?" What i'm trying to say is, that I didn't play the game just thinking "Okay, time to see some bubes(I know that is not how you say that)... " I played it thinking about the entire thing. The game, the girl(Toshiko), and the desisions that I should make to make her happy... why did I type all of this... I'm probably going to regret it. I would like to see more of her, though!

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The picture for this song is John/Master Chief, from the Halo 4 cover... also, nice song.

Edit: Also, I love the halo series... but... um... sorry, but this has nothing to do with Halo... I also regretted typing this...

And as I said, I sounds good... better than I can do now, since I haven't made music in a while...
So keep it up, and I hope you get more than just 101... or something listen on SoundCloud...

MichaelConstanza responds:

idk whether to say thank ya or stare in confusion

Thank ya

Yoooo... Wow... This sounds... nice.

This is also inspiring me to do things. I really feel like this is the type of music they would have in movies when the characters are exploring a place.

Edit: It also brings me back to when I used GarageBand...

MichaelConstanza responds:

Thanks so much

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Oh wow...

I have to say... I also think that this is cute.

Awww...? I don't kow what to say... She's cute!

E: I just don't know why...

I am an artist, in many ways. From drawing, voice acting, pixel art, and writing... or typing, I am someone who tries a bit of everything... I think. Anyways, I am open to try anything else.
I also like gaming, n' stuff.


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